Which Luxury Penthouse in Boracay would you choose?

Luxury Penthouse, Boracay

Luxury four bed Penthouse, Cohiba Villas

Cohiba Penthouse

If you were looking to buy the biggest and best Luxury Penthouse, Boracay would you choose the Penthouse at Cohiba Villas, overlooking Bulabog beach, with four double bedrooms with their own baths, a stunning veranda area and arguably the most dramatic views on the island or would you choose the awe-inspiring penthouse Luxury Property is offering for sale in Tambisaan? With four stunning double bedrooms and the sort of luxury bathrooms you only normally get to see on the front cover of high end interior design magazines it could be a difficult choice.

Undoubtedly, the Penthouse in Tambisaan is hands down the better apartment and it has its own garden and swimming pool and it is on a dreamy beach – a real picture post card view of everyone’s idea of a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ beach with white sand, turquoise sea and palm trees. However, the only way to buy it is to buy the whole development which includes four stunning apartments each with 3 bedrooms and gorgeous bathrooms, huge living and dining areas and either views or direct access to the pool and beach and the price is $10 million.

At $1.25 million the penthouse at Cohiba Villas begins to look like a bargain but it lacks the investment potential of the beachfront development at Tambisaan. On the other hand, it has the most awesome, dramatic and inspiring views you can imagine – the views are simply jaw-droppingly vast. The apartment commands the beach below and dominates the whole area. You could be forgiven for cultivating an air of superiority as you look down on the beach below but although there is a huge communal infinity pool there is no direct access to the beach – you have to walk and it is downhill and uphill again unless you have a scooter.

Well, it is decision time. Which would I choose if I had $10m in the bank? I think I would buy the luxury 5 apartment development at Tanbisaan and enjoy the fact I have the finest home on the island and the means to get my capital outlay back over time. But if I did not have $10m in the bank I would still be deliciously happy at Cohiba Villas.

Luxury penthouse and apartments

The perfect Boracay location


4 luxury apartments and 1 stunning penthouse

Cohiba Boracay Penthouse  

Luxury Penthouse, Boracay



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