Hotels and Commercial property for sale Boracay and Manila

Investment opportunities with Luxury Property

Hotels and Commercial Buildings for Sale in Boracay and Manila

The following properties (Hotels Commercial property Boracay Manila) are offered ‘Off Market’ that means they are privately for sale and not publically for sale. This is common practice in many countries especially for hotels. Can you imagine arriving at a hotel for your holiday and you find a big sign outside saying ‘Hotel for Sale’? It is bad for business and bad for staff morale. These properties are not listed anywhere else. They offer substantial investment opportunities.

Another reason why certain hotels prefer to sell privately ‘off market’ is to restrict the numbers of agents and brokers knocking on their door. Selling a hotel is highly specialized work; it takes business acumen, knowledge of various financial formulas, tact and discretion.  

This is why Luxury Property has been chosen to offer the following:

A successful hotel and huge area of land in a prime location with room for new developments – Boracay –Price – P1.8bn

A larger successful hotel with beach frontage in a prime location – Boracay – price p1.5bn

Large hotel in Manila – P7bn

A large hotel with casino in Manila – P8bn

A large commercial office block with proven ROI from existing rentals in Manila – P7bn.

To receive full details enquirers will need a Letter of Intent (LOI) from a corporation and a bank reference for the amount of the property.

However, the first instance, please direct your enquiries to [email protected]

Hotels Commercial property Boracay Manila

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