Put your Boracay luxury property on airbnb and create an income for yourself

Many people dream of buying a Boracay luxury property or on the mainland in Malay not just to live in but to make some money. Good investments are possible. But most people do not want the bother of having their own website. This is where Airbnb comes to the rescue. Simply, put your luxury property on Airbnb and create an income for yourself.

Advertising your property to an international market is difficult. You need a website. Do you know a professional website developer? Someone with good technical skills that won’t scam you? Do you have a secure server for hosting your website? Do you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Do you know how to increase your website’s exposure on the internet? Do you know how to get the best return on your online advertising budget? You can’t just build a website and expect to be found on a google search. You could end up on page 150 with one visit per month. And even paid ads on Facebook can be a waste of money. If you advertise your Boracay luxury property with Airbnb all of this and much more is done for you. Of course, they take a commission and naturally there are requirements to meet but you are set up you can stop worrying as Airbnb takes care of your online marketing.

Take this luxury villa in Diniwid, Boracay for example. The British owner and his Filipina wife run a successful business. They rent out the main building to short stay holidaymakers while they stay in the secondary building. However, they are not getting any younger and they want to retire so their property is for sale now. Although the property is situated in a quiet and secure area you can walk to the famous Diniwid beach or the mall.

The owners confirm they are fully booked from November 2018 through to the end of March 2019 with many other bookings into April and far beyond. They confidently predict an annual income of between P2.6 million and P2.9 million. 

Put your Boracay luxury property on airbnb and create an income for yourself

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