Luxurious Beachfront Family Home with Pool Near Boracay

Luxurious Beachfront Family Home with Pool Near Boracay

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6700 sqm


Luxury Property is proud to announce this truly unique chance to buy a truly wonderful high-end beachfront family home near Boracay together with high end furnishings, equipment and top of the range appliances.

Palm Ville is an architect designed high-end home built to the highest European standards under a European project manager for a discerning European owner. The huge estate offers the finest living, entertainment and sporting facilities.

Palm Ville is clearly a most cherished and comfortable family home where every detail has been planned and no expense spared. It is immaculate.

Boracay/Caticlan airport is approximately 30 minutes away by road.

The property sits directly on a long expanse of peaceful beach with stunning sea and sunset views next to a tranquil fishing village. If you want peace and quiet, space and comfort then this is the place for you.

Palm Ville has an imposing yet attractive steel gate and it is protected by a high concrete perimeter wall with lighting that is both attractive and good for security.


The total lot area is a massive 6,700 square meters.

The property is priced to sell at $2,900,000. The price in pesos may vary depending on the currency rate.


Grand Entrance

The road facing part of the property has a large wall and secure gates with CCTV cameras which can be monitored from the security building and the owner’s private study.

The Lovely Gardens

There is a large attractive gazebo to the front overlooking the beach, ideal for lunches or sitting in the shade to keep an eye on the kids in the large swimming pool. There is also a generous well cared for lawn. There is an enormous rear garden with a huge magical lawn and another attractive gazebo which is totally surrounded by a pond stocked with Koi like a small castle surrounded by a moat. It is a pleasant place to swing in a hammock in the shade and read a good book.

The large gardens to the front and rear of the property are meticulously well kept and well stocked with an abundance of attractive tropical plants and mature trees.

The Principal House

The principal house is a huge 260 square meters and has 4 large attractive double bedrooms each with a luxury en-suite bathroom, more than sufficient wardrobe space and a vast living area with an enormously high ceiling. The building, roof space and windows are so well insulated the house feels cool all the time but there are high-end air-conditioners in every room. The fully fitted kitchen has a large walk-in cool room for wine storage and two large refrigerators. There is also a peaceful and functional study, a separate toilet and laundry room. There is an enormous covered porch outside running the entire length of the house for outdoor relaxation and entertaining. Although there is an attractive dining area inside you may prefer the spacious dining area in the porch outside.

The Pool Area

Next to the beach, there is a good sized swimming pool with a filtration system and plenty of room for seating and sun loungers.

The Entertainment Building

A second matching building made with the same care and attention to detail as the Principle House is 154sqm consisting of a bar and billiards room, a well equipped gym, a room for professional scuba equipment, a spa room, a bathroom and an attractive porch area facing the sea.

The Staff House & Triple Garage

A third building (approx. 154 square meters) also built to high standards consists of a triple, well ventilated, garage and second floor staff or guest accommodation with 4 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

The Guardhouse & Workshop Building

There is guard room with CCTV monitoring screens facing the main gate. The property has a total of 9 CCTV cameras which can also be monitored from within the study in the principal house. There is also a large workshop and storage area there and an automatic 45 kilowatt power generator able to cope with the demands of the whole estate in a separate room to reduce the noise level so it cannot be heard from the main house.

While the owner intends to remove a small number of personal property the house is available exactly as seen in the photos. You could move in tomorrow and want for nothing. Every detail has been taken care of. All you need is a bottle of chilled champagne and we will be pleased to provide that.

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